Our Freedom Story

WHITE AS SNOW PROJECT – Tete, Mozambique


“White As Snow” began with a passion in Marlene’s heart to rescue girls from human trafficking. While praying one night about going to India to rescue girls, God spoke to Marlene and said, “Marlene I’ve given you authority over Tete, go and claim it... the streets are filled with girls who are lonely and broken, GO love them!” Marlene then asked the Lord to show her how He saw them so she could see them with His eyes, He simply said, “WHITE AS SNOW.” It broke Marlene for women worldwide who are bound in chains of darkness having to sell their bodies just to eat, feed their children and get by. In Tete, the White As Snow project began with one beautiful young lady named Tatenda, who was forced to sell her body daily to be able to feed her 9 month old baby.. Now the White As Snow Project has grown into one of the largest parts of our ministry Pioneer 61.

The first door that Jesus opened was for us to hold a bible study weekly in the largest brothel in Tete. The owners of the brothel allowed us to come weekly, lead worship, teach the word of God to the girls, love them and feed them. We painted the brothel and renamed it “House of Joy” as a prophetic act that Jesus transforms us from the “inside” out and gives us joy amidst the hardest circumstances. Several years after founding the white as snow project it is a huge honour to continue to go and minister to the ladies in this brothel. Through continually going into the brothel we have been able to rescue and bring freedom for more than 50 women. All proceeds from the sales of jewellery go directly to the White As Snow ladies and the development of the White As Snow vision to see prostitution in Tete abolished.

The heart of white as snow is to RESCUEEQUIP, and SEND those in human trafficking.



We physically go into the dark places and rescue the women. We take them from living in brothels and we help relocate them to safe places, we support them holistically by helping remove any barrier that could prevent the women from leaving human trafficking.

How we EQUIP

JESUS. We begin to equip by meeting the women right where they are. We get to know their stories on a personal level to see them walk out of trauma and into freedom.  We equip them through discipleship, which looks; like daily devotions, weekly bible studies and individual prayer time. Since we make Jesus our main priority we encourage an atmosphere of worship and fellowship with Him in every moment.

How we SEND

Our heart is to send women with a trade that provides self-sustaining means of living outside of human trafficking. We recognize that in Tete Mozambique the main factor in women being in human trafficking is extreme poverty. We believe on every level that empowerment is key to sustainable freedom. This looks like equipping the women with more than a trade but also skill sets that make the way for them and their families to live a fruitful life where they never have to turn back to any form of trafficking.