Our Full City roast is a uniquely hand crafted coffee that combines exotic origins with an urban roasting profile, providing only the finest in coffee experiences. The love, passion and attention to detail that every bean receives makes it one of the world's finest coffees. It is a coffee that brings people together.


Our coffee is roasted out of the Historical District of Selma. Selma is located in the Black Belt region of Alabama. Revival Coffee Company operates out of a restored building, the main focus is not only to awaken people to the aroma and taste of specialty coffee but to also bring hope to the nations. Pioneer61 Coffee Co has partnered with Revival Coffee Company to bring change and hope to the nations. Together we are dedicated to operate with Excellence and Integrity in all we do. The quality, consistency and roast profile is of primary importance to ensure that you the customers are satisfied and enjoy every cup.


Pioneer 61 coffee is a blend of fine East African and Indonesian coffees. Our East African coffee comes from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee and dating back to the 11th century. This Ethiopian bean has been roasted to bring out a sweet cherry, dark chocolate body with hints of earthy notes. The tropical island climates of Indonesia are capable of producing highly prized Arabica beans with low-acidity and full body, ideal for blend and balance when crafting a complex cup. Fun fact: Sumatra and Java, names now synonymous with coffee in the west, are actually Indonesian islands where specialty coffees are grown. Together, these coffees have been skillfully blended to produce a balanced, well rounded, anytime of the day coffee.